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A motor plan, usually encompasses more benefits for the buyer than a service plan by including a maintenance plan and sometimes a car warranty. Under the maintenance plan section, your contact would possibly include the regular maintenance of the wear and tear of your motor vehicle parts. These components could be the gearbox, clutch, suspension; brake pads and discs. Usually, whatever is not covered in a service plan, is covered in a motor maintenance plan. With a maintenance plan, the various companies require that your car be not older than five years or have more than 120,000 km on its odometer.

Let’s firstly get the most important thing out of the way, i.e. neither a vehicle maintenance plan nor a service plan are insurance products. They are continuous services which you enjoy benefit of regardless of future uncertain events, like the mechanical breakdown of an engine. Warranties for cars on the other hand are insurance policies to mitigate the financial burden you would otherwise incur if your car’s mechanical or electronic parts malfunctioned, which might or might not happen.

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