Advertise On Website

Advertise On Website


Advertising on our platform is a unique opportunity to reach a huge national audience in a creative and compelling way.
We present your brand’s message in a bigger, bolder and more beautiful way than any other online platform.

Run of site/PageAd PositionAd Size (in pixels)Insertions CostDesign Cost
Wall PageTop Banner1200px x 350pxR3,800.00 MonthlyR900.00
Left Navigation PagesTop Banner1200px x 350pxR2,700.00 MonthlyR900.00
Sub Hidden PageTop Banner1200px x 350pxR1,500.00 MonthlyR900.00


  • Banner designs by our team are optional, see design spec
  • Our adverts are month to month meaning they run from begining on the month until the end.


To advertise with us you can use our creative team to design the advert for you.

Banner Size (in pixels)TypeCost
1200px x 350pxStaticR900.00
1200px x 350pxAnimated GifR1400.00

Material requirements:

.gifs, .jpgs and .png files (animated gifs also accepted) Maximum size: 50kb We reserve the right to re-size material to comply with our specs and to meet your booking if necessary.

Banner Example
Cancellation policy
Any Advertiser or its Advertising Agency may not cancel advertising after Insertion Order has been confirmed, within 10 days of the initial 30 day period and within 10 days of any 30 day period of the agreed term thereafter. Cancellations prior to the agreed insertion date must be in writing. Verbal (including telephonic) cancellations will not be accepted. If the Advertiser cancels any booking, he relinquishes any right to that option or discount (if any) to which he was previously entitled and Advertisements will be paid for at the appropriate rate. A new invoice will be issued for any surcharges relating to Advertisements that have already been invoiced at the discounted rate. The payment date for any previous invoices, however, remains unaffected

Creative Team

Our in-house creative team is here to build great-looking, effective adverts with you to get the best out of our ad space.

For advertising, get in touch with:

+27 81 424 6529

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